first reintoduced lynxes

The reintrocution started at 30.07.2016 with the first three animals from slowakian kapaths. The animals were released near the village Waldleiningen. Within the next years 20 animals in total should be released in the palatinate forest.

The first released lynx was the female "Kaja", she `s the sponsored animal of Hit-Umwelt und Naturschutz Stiftung.


 © Picture: Martin Greve


Followed by the five year old female "Luna", the sponsored animal of Deutschen Wildtierstiftung.


 © Picture: Martin Greve


Last released animal in 2016 was the male called "Lucky". He`s the sponsored animal of Vereins Luchsprojekt Pfälzerwald / Vosges du Nord who follows the two females in a gently walk in to the deep forest.


 © Picture: Martin Greve


Lynx reintroduction 2017

Since 07.03.2017 the first lynx from switzerland enhanced the new palatinate forest lynx population.

He`s called "Arcos" and is a adult male from the swiss jura. The sonsorship  has the city Stadt Neustadt an der Weinstraße and he was set free near Waldleiningen too.


© Picture: Martin Greve


On Wednesday 05.04.2017 the swiss lynx female "Bell" was set free near the village Waldleiningen. The second lynx sponsorship of the foundation HIT-Umweltstiftung support the new lynx population in the palatinate forest.

 © picture: Martin Greve


The second Swiss female "Rosa" was set free on Thursday the 13. of April 2017. The 2012 born female is from the northeastern Alpes and has 18 kg body weight. The sponsorship for Rosa hat the couple Angelika und Heinz Schlapkohl from Weisenheim am Sand. 


 © picture: Winfried Maier


Our first lyn from Slovakia in 2017 is "Cyril" a approx. 6 year old male from the Muránska Planina. He was set free on Saturday the 22.April.2017 near the village Waldleiningen in the central part of Palatinate Forest.

 © picture: Winfried Maier



action space

We generalize the space of action with circles (radius 5 km) and update them regulary.

The maps with the past action spaces could be found in the Archiv.


Please check also the press releases.